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About us

In the United States, PEGASUS INTERNATIONAL offers security and military training courses and a variety of professional security services to companies of all sizes as well as to individuals willing to operate in the field of  security. With international, military and business security expertise, we’re equipped to handle just about any challenge you may be facing ranging from perimeter security, personal security, terrorism concerns, fire-arms proficiency to crisis management strategies.


We offer professional security solutions tailored to meet different professional goals. We are committed to helping our clients achieve the best possible outcome using a variety of approaches. Our courses are designed to cover different security industries. Our training programs target:


- TEXAS Security Guards Level III

- DPS Certified Bodyguard Level IV

- HECPO Bodyguard license

- Private Security Contractor

- Industrial Security 

- MSO Maritime Security

- Close Protection in high risk zones

- Firearms & Tactical Shooting

- CQB Trainings

- Active Shooter Response

- AK Operator

- and much more ....

Bodyguard training course
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