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HECPO Bodyguard Course: 
(28 days)


This course is our new launch of a luxury VIP BODYGUARD course for those willing to work with stars, politicians, businessmen and other celebrities in a military environment. This course is designed for males and females with positive attitude, good manners and appropriate physical condition.

Why Taking the HECPO course ?


Our 28-day course will provide you with professional know-how, enabling you to take on any tasks as a well-trained personal security specialist in hostile territories. If you intend to upgrade your skill sets and to gain some new ones in the domain of modern close protection, then our 28-day Hostile Environment Close Protection Ops Training Course is for you. The course will provide you with the required level of proficiency for high threat protective operations in the commercial close protection industry and the private military sector nowadays.

The upsurge of terrorism, extremism, and violent crimes has produced an increased demand for private security/military contractors (PSC/PMC) worldwide. Whether you are on an executive protection team looking after a businessman in a terrorism-prone country or you're on a security detail (Protective Security Detail—PSD, Personal Protection Detachment—PPD) securing a convoy in a conflict-affected region—protective missions in complex environments require the specialist knowledge and the use of specific operational procedures.


Your assignment starts as soon as you put your feet on the ground and cross a border—leaving you with no time to train with foreign weapon systems or to practice tactics with your team or to adapt to unfamiliar terrain. It is paramount to pull yourself together as soon as possible and start strongly since day one. For achieving this professional level of readiness, you must undertake an optimized training program; however, the vast majority of today's training courses in the private sector are unfit (e.g., short duration, incomplete syllabus, outdated approach, and unskilled instructors). ​

Our company has accepted a training philosophy: train as you will operate, underpinning our training principles to deliver a practical, current, and effective course for all candidates. You won't sit all day in the classroom or fire rounds into a static paper-target or practice out-fashioned and never-tested techniques; you will be challenged in different ways—physically and mentally—enabling you to plan properly your response to adverse developments.​

Admission recquirements :


  • No previous experience in Security or Law Enforcement is required,

  • Clear Criminal Record,

  • Valid ID,

  • Medical Clearance (contact us)

Formation Contractor au TEXAS 2024_edite
International Bodyguard License :

This HECPO is our main and the most popular Training Course !

(Private Security Contractor & Bodyguard Officer)


The HECPO course is a 28 days (4 weeks) intensive training program designed to prepare military / law enforcement individuals and security personnel for protective operations in a hostile environment or high risk zones (Africa, Central/Southern America, Caucasus and Middle East).


This training starts all the way from the very basics of Close Protection and ends up with a quasi  military training with maximum of realistic scenarios. This course will enable its participants to get familiar with different types of weapons or equipment indispensable in high risk countries. The course combines theoretical part and practical assignments.


Recognized internationally as the security industry’s benchmark for training in Close Protection, the HECPO is available candidates having successfully completed the training  and having passed  practical and theoretical testing. ​

During the course candidates will go through the following :


International HECPO License

  • Role and Responsibilities of the Bodyguard

  • Principles of close protection

  • Law and Legislation,

  • Relationships with local authorities

  • Threats assessment and Risk Analysis

  • Surveillance Awareness

  • Foot formations

  • Search Procedures

  • V.I.P. Arrivals / Departures

  • Low profile security and tactics

  • Elements of Close Protection Team

  • Advance work; surveys,

  • Preparation and planning – exercise

  • Team Leader ; roles & responsibilities

  • Dress code and etiquette

  • Interpersonal Skills

  • Close Protection Teamwork and Briefing

  • Conduct of Reconnaissance

  • Itinerary planning

  • Convoy procedures

  • Incident Management

  • Venue Security

  • Communication and Conflict Management

  • Radio communications procedures

  • Case studies

  • Basic firearms

Tactical Medical Care MHRLT :

  • The pre-hospital environment

  • Patient assessment

  • Respiration and airway management

  • Basic life support

  • Circulation and shock

  • Medical related emergencies

  • Trauma related emergencies

  • Scene management

Bodyguard Academy in TEXAS
Executive Protection Training in TEXAS
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🔺Diplomas :​

✔️US HECPO License

✔️FIREARMS Certificate

✔️MHRLT Medic


🔺Price :

$ 6990*

(*lodging, meals, training equipment)

🔺Dates 2024 :

  • 09/01 - 09/28/2024 (⚠️ 2 spots left)

  • 11/01 - 11/28/2024


🔺Location :

  • Houston TX (free shuttle from IAH Airport)

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