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The International HECPO License is recognized in more than 70 countries.  As more and more companies become multi-national and spread their activity across the world, their security professionals have to bring their technics and accreditations to the new level of requirements. HECPO Qualification is an absolute legal requirement to perform security services in Europe and in many other countries. HECPO License speaks by itself for your level of expertise, it is a qualification that will set you apart from the crowd. Next course in Houston-Texas.


The Private Military Contractor (PMC 28 or 14 days) training course is designed for all military and security specialists who are planning to operate in unstable and hostile zones around the world. The main aim of this course is to develop a necessary set of skills including small group tactics, assault tactics, reconnaissance aspects, sites and convoy security, static security and patrolling, etc. As everybody knows the range of tasks in high-risk areas is vast and not always limited to personal protection, so a modern operator has to be qualified in multiple spheres in order to be able to accomplish different types of missions.

First HECPO Bodyguard school in USA 


PEGASUS INTERNATIONAL is here to help companies of all sizes as well as individual clients with all aspects of their security needs. Being specialized in security trainings helps us to maintain good contacts with other professionals of the world of security. Our instructors have real time, front line experience conducting Close Protection and PSD operations in places such Iraq and Afghanistan as well as providing executive protections to high net worth individuals and government officials. One successful completion of the course students will receive a level 3 diploma and Close Protection and Emergency Medical Care so they have the necessary qualification to apply for an HECPO license.”


Chief Instructor

Former member of special forces of Argentina. Team leader for numerous close protection operations. PSD missions in High Risk Zones : Iraq, Afghanistan, Colombia, Sudan. ... Knowledge and Expertise in accordance with the highest industry standards. Fluent in English, Spanish, and French. NRA certified.

Sylvain B.


Bodyguard Instructor
Train with the Best 


Being a part of a leading international security organization, we are committed to a certain level of quality when providing a training course or helping our clients with custom security solutions. Whether you're an individual considering a career as a security professional or a company with extensive security challenges to overcome, we offer courses and custom services to match your special needs ! Whether a PEGASUS INTERNATIONAL solution is simple or complex, we are committed to providing an effective, well-executed security approach and exceptionally trained staff to answer your special needs.

IMG_1414 - copie.jpg
HECPO License Instructor

Retired executive protection professional now working primarily as a security consultant and training instructor. Having authored numerous courses and publications relating to security and intelligence acquisition, I enjoy teaching existing and aspiring security operatives as well as consulting high-net-worth individuals/ families and corporate clients on personal, residential and corporate security.

Paul S.


Bodyguard Instructor in Texas
Weapons Instructor

Certified Executive Protection Specialist with an extensive experience of work in Middle East for both Blackwater and Triple Canopy. Excels in firearms and tactical training instruction.

Mickael S.


Bodyguard instrcutor in Housto
US Bodyguard Licence

February 12, 2023


At the PEGASUS INTERNATIONAL we pride ourselves on being able to provide various internationally accredited and recognized quality training programs to the National & International Marketplace. PEGASUS INTERNATIONAL provides bodyguard services in the USA as well as in South America, Africa, Europe, and Middle East. Our Training Staff has many years of experience working in the Celebrity, Hostile, Military & Business world.

 Bodyguard in High Risk Zones
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