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AK Operator Course
(2 days)
carbine AK / Operator


The focus of this program is to teach participants how to shoot and maneuver in a tactical manner. The AK Operator Course spans two days and builds upon the fundamental principles taught in the previous course by incorporating non-static elements into the curriculum. Students will learn how to use movement and fighting platforms effectively while also developing additional gun handling skills that are essential for handling a lethal encounter. By bridging the gap between the physical demands of fighting and the technical aspects of gun handling, this course provides a comprehensive approach to gunfighting.


By enrolling in our AK Operator I course, you will gain the necessary knowledge to operate the world's most widely used rifle with efficiency and confidence. Our one-day program combines the practical expertise of our instructors, who draw from their training and operational experiences to offer an immersive, reality-based training. Throughout the course, you will learn about the importance of balancing speed and accuracy, as well as the fundamental concepts of using an AK in close-quarters defensive situations. We will challenge you both mentally and physically to help you discover your strengths and limitations, while also improving your proficiency and understanding of the skills required to succeed in combat.

Our curriculum covers a wide range of topics, including safety protocols, proper grip and stance, loading and unloading techniques, zeroing, muzzle sight alignment, volume of fire, the balance between speed and accuracy, the body's natural reactions to a fight, lateral movement, malfunction drills, and much more.

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